Engine v2013.2 Release Notes

Rustici Software, LLC- November 2013

Notable New Features

Tin Can / SCORM Parity Reports

We’ve listened and heard the need for more aggregated reporting based on the Tin Can activities your learners are using outside of the LMS. Engine now has a new reporting feature set that provides easy access to pull data from the LRS to answer such questions as "What activities have my users been completing?", “How has Joe been performing on his activities?”, “How much time has a user spent in our basic training course?”

This functionality will provide a companion LRS endpoint to allow you to extract aggregated results data on any user and activity combination in your system.

Check out the developer documentation here and let us know if you have any questions.

Statement Forwarding

You can now forward your statements, or allow your learners to forward their statements, to any other LRS for which you have credentials. See the documentation here for more details.

TinCan 1.0.1 compatibility

Note that this release of the Tin Can API (xAPI) Specification is only a patch release. In accordance with semantic versioning, which Tin Can API (xAPI) follows, there are no functional changes within this version.

Other Fixes and Improvements