Rustici Software's Offline Player is an add-on for Engine that allows for SCORM 1.2 content to be packaged and downloaded by a mobile device. This device can then play the packaged content through the host app using the SDK. This remote content can be played offline with no internet connection and the results will be saved locally for each consecutive launch while offline.

When the device is connected again, the host app can initiate the sync process using the SDK to send the offline results back to the server. Some basic evaluation takes place to decide if the offline status is older or newer than the status on the server to prevent overwriting further progress or completion.

Offline Player 2.0 now works with Engine 2017.x and above and uses the new REST API as the main form of communications. It also takes advantage of improvements in Engine's player code and now wraps your content with our modern player. This provides a better mobile content experience as well as a more reliable sync mechanism between the offline SDK and the Engine installation.


Contact Rustici Software (support@scorm.com) for assistance with OfflinePlayer.

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