Changes to Engine in 2019.1

New Content Types

Since its inception, Engine has supported a growing list of eLearning content types, from various editions of SCORM, to AICC and cmi5. In 2019.1, Engine gains the ability to import certain types of non-eLearning standard content, and wrap that content so that it can be launched, played, and tracked without further intervention by the Engine user.

Engine now supports importing the following types of resources:

  • PDF
  • Video (mp4) / Audio (mp3)
  • URL

Plugin Architecture

Additionally, 2019.1 now supports a pluggable architecture that will allow additional components to be loaded along with Engine's core. These components will provide separate functionalities that not all customers will need. At release, Engine 2019.1 uses this architecture to provide support for 3rd Party Content Connectors. This new functionality comes with additional license requirements. Ask your Rustici Software account manager for more information about them.

Support for 3rd Party Content

2019.1 also provides the ability to search for, import, and launch content distributed by third party systems using the same workflow that is already well worn by Engine customers. Initially content can be made available from Go1, with additional providers becoming available later.

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