User Count

Automated User Count Reporting

Engine provides the capability to report user count data to Rustici Software periodically for each connection string you use. In order to ensure this process does not interfere with your work we spin it off as a low priority thread only once we detect it's time to send the count, and do not do any retries if there is an error. We added this feature since we've found customers frequently have difficulty finding their user count when it's time to report it. The automated user count report uses the GetUserCount method in your integration.

During your integration process, you will receive the following settings from us (formatted differently as required for your platform's configuration file). You can insert the settings into your configuration file to enable automated user count reporting at your option.


The information that is sent back to our server ( will be in this format:

    "hostName": "yourhost",
    "rangeEnd": "2015-05-28T04:00:00.000+0000",
    "rangeStart": "2014-05-28T04:00:00.000+0000",
    "dbid": "e30ba552-4e4f-409e-943e-04d063bdfa69",
    "customerId": "OurIDForYourOrganization",
    "systemHomePageUrl": "",
    "usersByTenant": {
        "default": 1234567,
        "other_tenant": 123456

User Count API

If you do not have automated user count reporting enabled, then you may be asked to provide a user count yourself. Engine includes a REST API endpoint for retrieving user counts.

You must use an account with system-level permissions, as it includes the list of tenants, which is considered sensitive information.

Copy the returned JSON and send it to the account manager who requested the user count.

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