Changes to Engine in 2018.1

Version 2 of the REST API

This is the first major revision of Engine's REST API since its initial release in Engine 2015.1. This new version of the API gives us a chance to improve some of the API resources we had in v1, and enhance the tenant and credential management capabilities.

Administrative Interface

Engine now has a modern front-end for configuration and troubleshooting. This is a tool meant for application administrators and developers in order to do things like: manage tenants, create API credentials, modify course configuration, troubleshoot registrations, and get user counts.


Engine is now outfitted to track and provide real-time statistics on API and database performance. These metrics can be pulled into external monitoring systems through a new endpoint that outputs the data in a Prometheus-compatible format. You can read more about it in the Metrics section.

xAPI Interactions Reporting

Interactions (question and answer details) from launched xAPI courses are now available from Engine’s normal registration progress API resource and postback, if the course sends statements for interaction activities.

Performance Improvements

With this version, Engine has enabled by default the StoreRuntimeDataAsLob setting that we introduced in 2017.1. This changes the way we store registration runtime data internally to reduce database load and possible contention during the process of updating registration state.

As well, several changes have been made internally that reduce CPU usage for most processes in Engine.

Engine Release Notes

Please visit the Release Notes section of our Knowledge Base to see a list of Engine releases and view details about changes introduced in each one.

You can choose to 'Follow' that section of the Knowledge Base to be notified whenever we publish a new maintenance release of Engine. This can help you to stay informed of improvements and bugfixes that might be relevant to you.

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