Sample Application Overview

The RSOfflinePlayer Sample App is intended to be a head-start for developing your own iOS or Android app that can play Rustici Engine content offline. It is not intended to be a full featured application, rather a starting point for understanding the features of the SDK and building your own application.

Preparing The Code

To get started with the code, run pod install from the command line to install all the dependencies for the project. Then open the RSOfflinePlayerSampleApp.xcworkspace file. This will then be ready for your testing and code edits.

Setting The Rustici Engine Path

The OfflinePlayer SDK 2.0 requires a 2017.1+ Rustici Engine installation to connect with. This URL is set in the UserDefaults for the app and can be changed at runtime via the iOS settings panel. For the iOS Sample App, you can set a new default in the Settings.bundle->Root.plist if you want to have it set up automatically for each launch. The path in the configuration should contain the RusticiEngine part of the URL already as the internal paths expect to start from that location.

The Sample App is already setup with the proper paths to the offline endpoints, so make sure to copy the same paths to your application. Use the jsp extension for a Java Rustici Engine installation and the aspx extension for a .NET Rustici Engine installation.

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