Have the right content

  • File Types: Ensure the package files are mobile compatible. Most mobile devices will not playback flash or flv videos so they cannot be included in the packages.

  • Frame Size: Using the viewport meta tag in your content will also help the sizing for each device.

  • Format: The Rustici Engine Offline Player currently supports SCORM 1.2 content.

Import package to Rustici Engine

Use your standard way of import to get the SCORM 1.2 package into the Rustici Engine. There is no change to your integration’s normal import process.

Export for Offline

There is a special script that needs to be called to create and export a specially prepared ZIP file of your course package so the mobile device can download it. To prepare this package, you must use the OfflineExporter.jsp (or .aspx on .NET) page, plus the following parameters, to prepare and export the package for offline use. The parameters are explained here:

  • package - your serialized externalPackageId including the VersionId (typically 0 unless you are importing multiple versions of a course)
  • configuration - your serialized externalConfiguration. This may be empty if your integration does not define custom ExternalConfiguration properties. For newer REST API integration customers, you will pass this with the tenant name (use 'default' if in a single-tenant setup)

Example: http://[your.server]/RusticiEngine/offline/OfflineExporter.jsp?package=ApiCourseId|2006!VersionId|0&configuration=default

This will create a ZIP package in your content directory (that is defined in your RusticiEngineSettings file) and return the path to the zip in the response.

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